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If you are looking for a used car in UAE then Great Dubai is a good option. Our company offers a wide range of second-hand cars for sale in this vibrant country. With a commitment to brilliance, our company offers used cars in UAE that provide you peace of mind and reliability. Whether you want a spacious SUV, comfortable Sedan, or used pickup for sale in UAE, Great Dubai has all types of used cars. Our company offers one-time use cars which cater to your budget and needs in this beautiful country. So if you want to buy a used car in UAE then contact us and enjoy the competitive rates of second-hand cars which are more reliable than the market.


Used Cars in Dubai

Great Dubai allows customers to buy used cars in Dubai that cater to their preferences from a wide range of vehicles. Whether you want Audi, BMW, or Porsche, our company has Used cars in Dubai from all brands. Our company's dedication is to provide used cars for sale in Dubai that meet high standards.

Used Cars in Sharjah

Our company makes itself a popular choice for those customers who want second-hand cars for sale in Sharjah. Great Dubai offers a wide range of used cars for sale in Sharjah like Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and BMW. Our company offers various Sharjah used cars at competitive and reliable rates that perfectly match your needs. 

Used Cars in Abu Dhabi

Great Dubai offers a competitive price for used cars in UAE in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy reliable and affordable prices of one-time used cars that you want in this beautiful city. Each used car for sale at our company goes through a comprehensive check to ensure it is in good condition. We have a wide range of second-hand cars from popular brands like Changan, Mercedes, and BMW in Abu Dhabi.

Used Cars in Ajman

If you're looking for a UAE car sale in Ajman which is a one-time use and meets your demands then Great Dubai is the best choice. Our company offers a wide range of used cars for sale in Ajman like Luxury Convertible, Prestige, Sedan, Sports cars, and SUVs. Great Dubai provides well-maintained old cars for sale which provide a comfortable Journey and impression on others in this beautiful city.

Used Cars in Ras al Khaimah

Our company offers you used cars for sale Ras al Khaimah with comfort and convenience. Choose from Great Dubai diverse range of second-hand cars which cater to your needs and preferences. Our company allows customers to buy used cars at more reliable rates than the market in Ras al Khaimah.

Used Cars in Umm al Quwain

Great Dubai offers a wide range of second-hand cars for sale in Umm al Quwain at affordable prices. Our company provides the opportunity to buy used cars in this beautiful city. We proudly offer more than one-time used cars from all brands like Audi, Bentley, Tesla, and many more. 

Used Cars in Al Ain

Our company has a wide range of used cars for sale in Al Ain that suit every preference and requirement. If you want to travel with a group of friends then our company offers SUV used cars for sale Al Ain to fulfill your needs. Great Dubai also provides cheap second-hand cars for budget-conscious customers in this beautiful emirate.

Used Cars in Fujairah

If you want to buy used cars in Fujairah that provide you peace of mind and reliability, our company is best for you. Whether you want a one-time used Convertible, Sedan, or SUV, Great Dubai caters to your needs and preferences in this beautiful city. Our company's commitment to providing old cars for sale in Fujairah sets us apart.

Types of Used Cars in UAE with Great Dubai


Great Dubai offers used SUVs for sale in the UAE. It is popular among families who want reliable and comfortable second-hand cars in this beautiful country.


Our company provides one-time used Sedans for sale in the UAE which are ideal choices for customers who want to save money on fuel.

Sports cars

If you want to experience thrill and speed then second-hand Sports cars in the UAE are the perfect choice for you.

Brands of Used Cars in UAE with Great Dubai


Audi is one of those luxury brands which produces cars that are reliable and durable. Great Dubai offers a wide range of used cars in UAE Audi brand which caters to your budget and needs in this beautiful country.


In the UAE, BMW is the perfect choice for those people who are aiming for luxury and style. Great Dubai offers a diverse range of used cars for sale in UAE of BMW brand at more reliable rates than the market. 


Bentley is one of the world’s most famous car brands which employs powerful engines and provides a luxury presence on the roads. We have a wide range of second-hand UAE car sale of the Bentley brand for the comfort of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a used car in Dubai is different from buying a new one in various ways like price. The price of the used car is low and affordable as compared to a new car,

When you aim to buy a used car in the UAE, you must think about the budget, history of the car, and mileage.

If you want to check the history of used cars in UAE before buying, follow some vital steps like Vehicle identification number check, service records, and maintenance, and visit the Dubai Traffic Department.

The price of used cars as compared to new cars is low, therefore buying a used car in Dubai might be better than buying a new one.

By researching and thoroughly inspecting the car you can haggle over the price when buying a used car in Dubai.

When you want to buy a used car in Dubai, the exterior and interior inspection is very important for peace of mind.

Great Dubai is a platform that allows you to sell your used car in Dubai quickly and for a good price.

By following steps like meeting at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority you can transfer ownership of a used car in Dubai.

If you want to safely buy a used car online in Dubai then Great Dubai is trustworthy and the best platform.

When you aim to buy a used car in Dubai you may watch scams like false vehicle history and title washing. If you trust Great Dubai you can experience a smooth and safe deal on more than one time used car in Dubai.

Yes, it is your right to test-drive a used car before buying it in Dubai.

Yes, if you buy a used car in Dubai with Great Dubai you can enjoy a discount.

Great Dubai online website is one of the most trustworthy and reliable to find used cars for sale in Dubai.

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